Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Whats special about Made-to-Measure?

Made-to-Measure is the term tailors use as a halfway point between Made-to-Order and BespokeMTO takes an existing template of sizing and designs (called a 'block') and allows you to choose minor details such as fabric or button options. 

MTM, however, is vastly different to this and other off-the-rack options as you will work alongside a tailor who will take your body measurements to create a paper pattern made just for you, a 1 of 1. Using this pattern, we craft a garment specially to your body, fitting you like nothing else. The garments are completely customisable, and hence is a much lengthier process than the more basic options of off-the-rack and MTO. This allows us to progressively improve on your unique pattern, and any minor issues are worked out in a gradual dialogue between client and tailor to achieve the ideal fit. 

Bespoke is at the top end of tailoring, the 'ducks nuts' as some call it. This is for the individual enjoys the finer pleasures of life and understands quality. Bespoke suiting is crafted in an unhurriedly way around the body, utilising pinpoint attention-to-detail to correct even the most minute irregularities in posture, stance and other bodily asymmetries. Have one arm longer than the other? A tad bow-legged? Slight lordosis of the pelvis? Curved spine? Unlevelled hips? No problemo; bespoke garments are a gradual process whereby the garments arrive half-constructed to evaluate these minor details and correct if needed. Generally there are three to four fittings, and the process may take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks for completion. Prices by request.


What if I'm not able to visit your showroom?

We get the whole 'geography' thing. We cater to physical barriers of trade by introducing our online measuring portal which has been designed to attain the most accurate measurements from you for when you can't come along to one of our locations. To find out further on how to get started with an online order, just get in touch.

Should your garment arrive and not fit to your satisfaction, we offer an alteration credit reimbursement up to AUD75.00 with receipt of alteration services. This credit will go toward your next purchase, and future pieces will be made to the new measurement corrections on your pattern.


Where are the garments made?

Hong Kong. We source cloth, buttons and other essential detailing from all over the world (side-adjuster buckles from Germany, Mother of Pearl buttons from Tasmania, cloths from Italy and the UK, and funnily enough our fusing from Switzerland. Who would have thought?) which is then brought back to our family workshop in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙嘴) where garments are made by our Master Tailors all the way from cutting cloth to canvas sewing.


Righto, so I'm impressed. How long will it take to MAKE MY GARMENT?

Between three to five weeks on average, depending on order complexity. In the common case it arrives in earlier, we'll let you know.


I'm getting married and would like a suit. How long should I wait until getting measured?

First off, congratulations. We suggest leaving yourself a few weeks grace before the wedding to keep yourself sane and ensure the suits are done and out of the way for the rest of the five-thousand other things you'll probably have left to sort out. We suggest coming in eight weeks out from your wedding date, to leave just the right amount of time. Any more and you might have to take weight and body shape fluctuations into account which can add up in alteration costs.


What if I'm not happy with the fit?

We take every avenue to ensure your garment is a perfect result, complete to what you had in mind. We have an initial consultation with one of our skilled tailors where we work out what type of fit and overall 'look' works for you. In the event that your garment does not come back as agreed, we will work to correct it free of charge. However please keep in mind that should you change your mind during the process and want an alternative fit, we may alter the garment post-production but may incur a small alterations expense. Made-to-Measure is a gradual process where client and tailor work on your pattern to craft the perfect fit through a few commissions.


Do you do any deals for a few suits or shirts?

It'd be un-Australian if we didn't! You may find a list of all our offers and packages here and for our wedding arrangements here.


Got a question we haven't answered? Get in touch with us.