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Suits, like humans, require rest from wear - in particular the trousers. In an ideal world, you'll wear your suits in rotation with one another to prevent excess wearing down of your cloth. If you take some simple care tips with your suit, it will last you a lifetime! To get the best value and prolong the life of your suit, we recommend ordering a second pair of trousers to your suit to wear every other time.



When you have the chance, hang your jacket on a hanger - never on the back of a chair (it will ruin the shoulder structure and wear the cloth out over time). When a hanger isn't available, using the loop inside the lining at the top of your jacket works as well.

When folding your trousers on a hanger, try to ensure the front crease lines match up on either leg - this will help reduce the amount of ironing needed for the next wear. Also in regard to driving, try to get in the habit of taking your jacket off before you get in the car. When wearing your seat belt over your jacket you risk damage over time to the jacket shoulders and lapel. We suggest a hanger in your car, such as something similar to



Surprisingly, your suits require much less cleaning and maintenance than most think. Your suit will only require two or three visits to the dry cleaners per year, any more and the suiting cloth may take damage from the harsh chemicals some cleaners use. If you have a food or drink spill in a small area, you can request a spot clean in the area rather than a full dry clean - you'll not only save yourself a bit of money, but you'll prolong the overall life of your garment. If your suit starts to smell funky and lose its shape over consistent and restless wear, a quick press is often enough to freshen it up.

For shirts, we do not suggest commercial laundering or dry cleaning. A cold wash in the washing machine (<35C) should do you just fine. Some of our shirting fabrics contain materials that reduce wrinkling from wear, which should save you a few extra minutes each morning from ironing.

If a button comes unwound over time, or a blind hem becomes unstitched, no need to fret. Just drop it back by your showroom and we'll have it fixed up for you on the spot. Easy!



  • Wear and tear is normal and eventually unavoidable. The Black Label is not responsible for wear and tear of a garment. Please read the garment care advice and take advice and cautions from your tailor to prolong the life of your garment.

  • Some specific wear and tear is a result of idiosyncratic behaviours, habits and also certain body shapes (So, it is often unfortunate and unavoidable for the unlucky some. Consult your tailor for the most appropriate cloth if you know you wear in certain areas). 

  • Trouser wear in the fork is reasonably common for some men who rub in this area. More delicate and luxurious cloths will fail quickly in these conditions and attempting to solve the problem with an added silk saddle will only delay the expected. It’s not a comprehensive solution. It’s unavoidable in many cases and wool suiting cloths may never hold up in the very worst of cases.

  • Trousers and jackets in some areas employ blind stitching. Blind stitching is used so that it breaks before the cloth is damaged (as a preservation measure). The hem at the base of a trouser is blind stitched for this reason. To avoid constant ‘kick-outs’ please put your socks on first and take care putting your foot through the trouser leg’s base. It’s easily fixed and we’ll do this for you. 



(Payment for In-Store Purchases and Ordering of Custom Goods Policy)



After your first appointment with a Black Label tailor, a second fitting will be organised once the garment is made. During this second fitting the tailor will determine, with you, whether any adjustments need to be made. All adjustments that need to be made are conducted in-house at no cost to the client. In the odd case that a garment cannot be adjusted reasonably, The Black Label will organise for the client to be re-fitted and the garment will be remade. There is no cost to the client undergoing this process.



The Black Label is committed to our customer's satisfaction with respect to the garment's quality and fit. Because garments are tailored to a customer's specific fit returns will not be accepted. Unless a garment is replaced by The Black Label once the original is deemed, at the absolution discretion of The Black Label management, not fit for purpose. 



Discounts on orders are provided at the sole discretion of The Black Label, and are subject to withdrawal by The Black Label at any time. Discounts on orders are a gesture of goodwill, not final, and subject to change.



Vouchers are valid for 1 year for date of purchase. The voucher must be presented when wishing to redeem it. Vouchers are non-refundable.



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